2052: Five Weeks Closer (2017)

In this 45 minute show, audiences go through a portal into a world without oppression. They are met by people who sing and reflect a different way of being. As audiences enter different rooms, they like the characters become freed.

Project forward, out of the current moment. And remember we can create the futures we imagine.

2052: Five Weeks Closer was created based on the question, "If all the oppressions on you were gone, how would you arrive?" In the days surrounding the 2017 presidential inauguration, when folks were bracing for what lay ahead, this ensemble took five weeks and stretched into a vision about what is possible. This was an immersive piece invited audiences of all ages to live into wholeness as they experience three visions of a world without oppression.

Created and Performed by Matthew Armstead, Mo Burroughs, Ociele Hawkins, and Rhetta Morgan
Directed by Matthew Armstead

It was performed in January 2017 to packed crowds at the Community Education Center in Philadelphia.


"SO INSPIRED. I finally had an answer for how theatre will be useful the next four years; to help revolutionaries imagine the world they want to live, and perform their new selves until it becomes reality."

"Amazing. Like I had really just time traveled. Or like I had just taken some incredibly potent healing elixir for my heart. My imagination felt opened in a way that it hasn't lately. I felt light. And ready."

"Transformative. Healing. Possible."


"It was deeply moving. I reveled in the invitation to imagine with the actors. At the end of the final piece, my son said he felt so comfortable that he didn't want to leave!"